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Purchasing information


  1. All the shopping at the DB Biotech’s e-shop and all the transactions associated with this process are governed by General Sales Terms and Business Conditions – E-shop (GSTABC) located on the company’s e-shop website.
  2. We recommend to familiarize itself with GSTABC prior to the purchase, and in the case of any uncertainty to contact DB Biotech at:

Ordering the products

  1. By filling out the ordering form the client (further in the agreement as the “buyer”) and DB Biotech (further as the “seller”) are entering the legal relationship which is governed by GSTABC and the Commercial Code (Slovak Act # 513/1991 Zb.).
  2. The purchase transactions are accomplished by filling out the order, electronic delivery of the order to the seller and by subsequent Order Confirmation by the seller, all in accordance with GSTABC. Otherwise the legal relationship between parties does not commence. The buyer can explore and select the products grouped to categories available on the e-shop’s main menu, or by clicking on the particular product.
  3. Ordering process usually consists of the following 4 steps: a.) product selection, b.) selection of the method of payment, c.) agreeing with GSTABC and d.) electronic ordering by clicking on the button “Order with Payment”. Please, follow the navigational instructions on the website.
  4. The purchase contract begins between the parties after the seller sends the buyer the Order Confirmation, usually within 3 days from receiving the order.

Price and payment conditions

  1. The buyer is obliged to pay the seller for the delivered product the price stated in the order.
  2. This price does not contain expenses associated with handling and manipulation, delivery, repeated delivery, storage, insurance, banking fees associated with the bank transaction (due completely by the buyer) and other fees associated with the delivery i.e. custom fees, taxes, certifications, fines and sanctions. These fees are full responsibility of the buyer based on separate bill, unless both parties agree otherwise.
  3. The payment possibilities and the price of the delivery are stated in the order. Buyer has two options for the payment: a.) money transfer or b.) payment by a credit card.
  4. The payment for the product and the shipping is due up to 3 days from Oder Confirmation issuance and before the expedition of the product.

Delivery and returns of the product

  1. The seller will inform the buyer about the expedition date and approximate delivery date, if it is known to the seller.
  2. Seller is managing the delivery of the products by using companies and their prices mentioned on the e-shop portal, unless otherwise agreed on with the buyer.
  3. In the case of obvious damages noticed during and after the delivery, the buyer is obliged to promptly inform the shipping company and the seller about these damages. Buyer is also obliged to mark all the damages on the delivery sheet accompanying the shipment.
  4. The buyer can not request the product replacement, unless the product is returned in undamaged status, original quality quantity and packaging.
  5. Before the replacement product delivery the seller can require the product to be returned in the original form it was delivered, and the buyer should reimburse the seller in the case the buyer benefitted from the product’s use and that in the amount of that benefit.

Warranty and product replacement

  1. By giving a warranty, stated on the label of the delivered product, the seller declares, that the product will maintain its declared functionality during this period of time.
  2. If it is not declared otherwise, that warranty starts with the day of the product shipment.
  3. The seller’s warranty applies only to the faults of the product originating in the manufacturing process, material used and the manipulation by a seller.
  4. Buyer is obliged to report in the written form within the warranty period all the faults, including all the specifics, the warranty applies to, and do that within the shortest possible time from their observation.
  5. In the case of the proper warranty claim done in the timely manner, the seller has the right to respond to it and report the results of its internal examination within 30 days from the receiving date.

Agreement termination

  1. In the case, that within the 7 calendar days after the delivery of seller’s notice to finalize the payment the buyer does not pay all his obligations, the seller has the right to terminate the Order Confirmation.
  2. In the case the buyer, even within the additional time provided will not accept the product, the seller has the right to terminate the Order Confirmation.
  3. In the case, the product is showing defective signs the buyer cannot terminate the agreement, if all the defects were not reported properly and in timely manner.

Privacy data protection

  1. DB Biotech, a.s. with the registered location at Popradska 80, 040 11 Kosice, Slovakia, as the seller processes the personal data submitted by the buyer on the e-shop portal, or in the other forms of communication in accordance with the act no 122/2013 zb. on personal data protection.
  2. Buyer provides the necessary details voluntarily, knowing that without them the order can not be confirmed, executed and the product can not be delivered. The collected data can be further provided to the third parties involved in the order preparation, execution and delivery. You can download our GDPR document here.

The full text of the General Sales Terms and Business Conditions - eshop can be viewed here:

General Sales Terms and Business Conditions - E-shop